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Espresso & Peanut Butter Box of (6 or 10)

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The perfect marriage of espresso, peanut butter with coffee fruit. Each bar contains half an espresso if organic specialty coffee (provided by Mr Coffees), natural Byron Bay peanut butter and 10 grams of coffee fruit  extract. The best treat for a pick me up. 


Shipped using compostable packaging
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 Handmade using only natural ingredients 
 Empowering coffee farmers to reduce waste
 Packed with plant power micro nutrients


Natural Ingredients Only:

  • Coffee fruit extract*
  • Organic Colombian espresso (Caturra/ Typica) 
  • Organic Byron Bay Peanut Butter 
  • Organic Dark Cocoa
  • Organic Cashews
  • Organic Almonds
  • Organic Dates
  • Almond meal 
  • Organic Cocoa Butter
  • Sea Salt

Nutritional factors 



What is coffee fruit?

Coffee fruit refers to the red coffee cherry that encompasses the bean (seed) and is often discarded during the coffee bean harvesting process.

How is the coffee fruit extract made?

Our coffee fruit extract is derived from the natural by-product of coffee fruit pulp (mucilage) which is the ‘meat’ between the outer skin (cascara) and parchment (layer surrounding bean).

This pulp is harnessed during the wet processing of the coffee bean.

Where is our coffee fruit sourced?

Our coffee fruit extract is sourced directly from a small number of micro-lot coffee farms in the Coffee Triangle farming region of Colombia.


Why not Cascara?

The outer skin or Cascara is not present in our coffee fruit extract. Due to the common practice of spraying coffee plants with pesticides, there is a real risk of toxins being present in the Cascara. The pulp or mucilage we produce our extract from is protected by the Cascara and free of nasty chemicals.

How do we ensure quality?

Our patented coffee fruit extract has been developed through extensive research by farmers, manufacturers and food scientists to ensure the healthiest possible result.

Why is coffee fruit good for me?

Due to its high concentration of Polyphenols (micronutrients found in plant foods), the coffee fruit extract is packed full of antioxidants and potential health benefits. Consumption of Polyphenols and resulting antioxidants can help boost your immune system, fight nasty free radicals, lower inflammation and muscle damage and much more.

Studies have found coffee fruit to be higher in antioxidants than tea, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries!

Is there any caffeine?

Very little. The extract we source has very little concentration of caffeine (less than green tea), although the high concentration of antioxidants may still give you a natural energy boost!


How does it help the environment?

Through upcycling the coffee fruit into our bar, every Coffee Fruit Bar sold is a direct reduction of waste loading on the plant. Adopting Contribution through Consumption, every bar you consume is diverting coffee fruit waste that otherwise may have been polluting natural river systems!

How does it help the farmer?

We deliberately partner with a small number of micro-lot farms in Colombia to source our coffee fruit extract, with the mission to provide an additional revenue stream to the farmer along with a waste removal alternative.

What does; “help the world and yourself” mean?

We are strong believers that helping yourself and helping the environment are not mutually exclusive. To thrive as a species, we need to embrace the living with the environment mantra as opposed to living on the environment.